To help those who are broken find wholeness in Christ.


    We value INTEGRITY which means:
    We will tell the truth, honor others and do the right things at all times.

    We value BIBLICAL TRUTH which means:
    We study God’s word, accept it as truth, and allow it to guide our decisions.

    We value AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS which means:
    We will pursue genuine friendships, choose trust over suspicion, and love people for who they are.

    We value WELCOMING ENVIRONMENTS which means:
    We will have spaces and interactions that are comfortable, safe, and inviting.

    We value THE GOSPEL which means:
    We will be creative and relentless in proclaiming Jesus as we equip believers to reach the lost.


    CONNECT: The Lost get Found.

    GROW: The Found get Freed.

    SERVE: Freed People Serve Others.

    GO: God’s People Love the Community.