FAQ: What denomination is this?

New Hope is not a part of a denomination, but is a member of a body of churches called Converge MidAtlantic. Our beliefs are shared by many different denominations and we welcome everyone.

FAQ: Is this place a cult?

Great question. After all, it’s full of people singing songs and drinking the same beloved liquid (in this case, great coffee). Plus, numerous guitars and people dressed comfortably. But seriously. No. Cults tell you what to believe, take away your freedoms and forbid you to leave. Here, you’re welcome no matter what you believe, and we want you to experience freedom (including the freedom to leave whenever you want).

FAQ: I absolutely do not believe in God. Am I still welcome?

Yes, you absolutely are welcome. We do expect that you’ll be open to exploring your questions about God and wrestling with what you find. And we do expect you to believe we’re funny. Or at least fake it.

FAQ: What do I do with my kids?

Beats us. No, seriously, we have a perfect answer: BRING THEM. There’s a place here called New Hope K!DS—offered during all weekend gatherings for kids from birth through fifth grade–where your kids can be surrounded by adults who are committed to a safe, fun environment. It’s where kids can figure out what God and the Bible are all about, and have TONS of fun along the way.

FAQ: Who funds this place?

Let’s be clear on who is NOT funding this place: there are no corporate sponsors or franchise affiliations, and there’s no phantom fat cat paying for the building. It’s the generosity of everyday people in our community that fuels the life change we experience around here. Our support comes from the normal tithes (10 percent of earnings) and offerings of average folks who love contributing to the kinds of things they see God doing in our midst.

FAQ: Are all the people working on the weekend on staff?

Nope. Believe it or not, from the coffee you drink to the mail you get, 94.6% of the New Hope stuff you encounter results from volunteers. Volunteers care for our kids, take out the trash and sing on mainstage. We do have a small paid staff.

FAQ: This doesn’t look like a church.

First of all, that’s not even a question. How about this: “What’s a church supposed to look like?” We think a church is about the people inside—not about the building—so it shouldn’t matter if we look like a former warehouse, coffee house, or even a garage.  And while you might not find a lot of stained glass around here, there’s no shortage of really authentic people—and free coffee.