Vision Series: Dream Church

In Matthew 16 Jesus said to his disciples “I will build my church” and he is still doing it today! In Matthew 28 Jesus gave His disciples and the church, his plan for us to a part of his mission to “go and make disciples”. Now listen to what he didn’t say, he didn’t say make followers, fans, or attenders… No, he asked us to make disciples who are surrendered to God, changed by the Holy Spirit and live like Jesus. Wow, can you imagine a church that really did that? A place that was defined by the call to love and live like Jesus everyday! Well, it sounds like a dream church… actually it’s God’s dream for His church.

We’ve had a crazy summer of transition at New Hope Church. We have become One church with one campus in Wooster that has a unified heart, purpose and plan. We are in heading into a season of rebirth as a church family and are laying the foundation for the next 10yrs of ministry here in Wayne County. It’s time to move forward and grow into all that God has called us to be as a church. Are you in?

Jesus said “I will build my Church” and calls us to “go and make disciples”. Get ready as we pursue God’s dream for His church in this sermon series: Dream Church.

We will also be having 6-8 Vision Meetings with smaller groups of people that I’d love for you to be a part of. They are going to be on different days of the week so as many people as possible can attend one of them this August.